Organize internal knowledge base

Answer questions and generate content basing on your internal documents, support systems info and knowledge bases.

AI (GPT models) tends to generate inaccurate content or answers in case of niche or specific questions/queries.

It's especially dangerous when you use AI to provide customer or employee support.

That's why you need to ensure that AI uses only reliable sources of information about your products, services, or processes.

With Drafter AI, create your own curated collections of documents, audio files, videos, knowledge base, or support system integrations and make AI get info from them only.

In this way, AI will be "restricted" to following your content guidelines while performing workflows.

Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Setup workflow

Learn more about how to build workflows at:

Step 2: Add Documents to internal storage

For the documents to be accessed by search/AI workflow combo, you need to upload them to the storage first.

See how to add documents to the internal storage:

Now you can work only with PDFs.

Audio, images, and text files will be available soon.

Step 3: Use the "internal search" block to access the info

Learn more about configuring it at:

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