Launch workflow

How to launch and test your workflow to ensure it's workable.

After creating the workflow test it yourself first.

To do that, click the “Run Flow” button in the top right corner of the workflow builder.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the input tab.

This is the automatically-generated input form, as seen both by owners and end users.

All the fields there are mandatory and with validation.

The list on the right enables you to choose between three types of input:

  1. Single entry - enables you to work with the workflow by sending it one input and getting its results.

  2. Upload Batch - enables you to test input at scale by providing a CSV or XSLX with up to 200 input data entries at once.

  3. Integrations give you a quick start for integrating your workflow with 3rd party apps and tools.

Use “Single entry” for now.

1. Enter the input

For the first time let’s try “Drafter AI lets build custom AI-powered tools”

Click “Get Results to start the workflow execution.

2. Wait a bit

It usually takes up to 2 mins to execute any workflow.

The current one should be handled in less than 1 min.

3. Check the output

After launching a new or modified workflow you can see two screens.

A) There are data results but it’s not displayed yet:

It means that the workflow has been processed successfully, but you need to configure, how to display its results.

To do that, proceed to:

B) There are no data results at all:

It means that something went wrong due to three reasons:

  1. Input data is incorrect.

  2. Something wrong with the workflow itself.

  3. There is no data from external or public sources used in the workflow.

Learn how to dive deeper into identifying reasons using Debug module:

Learn more about possible issues:

Possible issues and how to handle them

Jump to batch processing:

Jump to integrations:

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