Design output

How to visualize workflow results.

After launching a new or modified workflow you can see this:

It means that there is data, but you need to display it.

Also, there are cards added as a visualization by default.

You can change the way to visualize data later.

Let’s add some data outputs.

Add data outputs

For our Google Ads generator, we have to output both Headlines and Bodies generated.

To do that, proceed to the sidebar and expand the data output list:

There are both Google Ads headlines and bodies generated during the workflow’s execution as well as input we provided before.

A list of data outputs for the workflow stores every data point provided as input or generated during the workflow’s execution.

With displaying both inputs and data output results you can compare them on the go.

Display headlines and bodies in the cards by drag-n-dropping them from the right sidebar to the card area:

Those results will be displayed in as many cards as it’s required to cover all the combinations of Google Ads headlines and bodies generated by AI.

In our case, we have 3 variations of Google Ads headlines and 3 variations of Google Ads Bodies which results in 9 combos and 9 cards displayed respectively.

Only the first card in the group is editable in terms of adding, removing, or re-ordering the data outputs.

Add visualizations

Sometimes we need different visualization for different types of data outputs.

For example, rows work better to display long texts while tables are great for quickly checking multiple results before exporting them.

You can have multiple visualizations in the same output view.

It works best when you need to display different data outputs in different ways.

To add another visualization for the same data output:

  1. Expand the “Visualization” menu on the right sidebar.

  2. Drag-n-drop the visualization to the empty space of the output area.

Try displaying our Google Ads variations as a table:

The tables cover all the data points provided as input and generated during the workflow execution in a designed order.

Remove visualizations

If you don’t need any of the visualizations anymore, simply remove them by clicking “X”:

Reorder visualizations or data outputs

To reorder data output blocks or visualizations just click the related icon, drag the block to change their order, and release the button:

The order of data outputs on other cards or rows will be changed automatically in the same way as you did it for the first card/row.

The same works with visualizations.

Regular users can’t change the order of data outputs or visualizations.

Need to give a try to different input?

Provide different input

To do that you don’t need to go back to the “Input” tab.

Just click the “New Input” button in the top actions bar and provide input data again:

Not happy with the results?

Execute workflow once more

AI is about probabilities. Sometimes it delivers exactly what you need, sometimes results may be irrelevant or poor.

It’s easy to give AI another try.

Just click the “Generate More” button:

It will start the workflow execution with the same data input you had before.

After that, proceed to copying or exporting results for further use.

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