Getting Started

How to create account and give the first run

Welcome to Drafter AI!

By using it you can create AI-powered features for your products or automations.

Let’s get started with creating an account.

1. Sign Up to Create an Account

Fill in a short form to sign up for Drafter AI.

As soon as you signed up, the verification email is sent to your inbox.

Use a business email address to get verified.

2. Verify Email

Look into your email inbox.

Sometimes, emails can’t be delivered successfully because of domain restrictions.

In this case:

a) check “Spam” or b) sign up again using a different email address.

3. Access your instance

After proceeding by verification link, your instance of Drafter AI starts to deploy.

Wait for a few seconds patiently for the process to finish.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the app automatically.

If something doesn’t work properly, please reach out to

4. Try Templates

Since the very beginning, you have had access to some sample mini-apps - workflows.

Give them a try.

Let’s see, how workflows work 👇

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