Workflow Builder Overview

Basic interface and elements of the workflow builder

Builder: Interface

Builder consists of:

  1. Building area - to add, connect and edit workflow elements (modules).

  2. Navigation & Actions bar - to get basic info about the workflow, to navigate and perform actions on it.

  3. List of modules - to search and add modules to the workflow by dragging them into the building area.

  4. Estimations - to have approximate calculations of the time and credits that 1 workflow execution will take.

  5. Fast access bar - to switch between popular workflows or create new ones.

Building Workflow

Every workflow consists of:

a) Input - a form to provide initial data. It’s an entry point for automation to start working.

It takes data from users or other tools and sends it to the actions.

b) Actions - modules, that perform different tasks upon input data - enrich it, transform (with AI or without it), or filter.

Every action takes data from previous modules, performs an action on it, and sends new data points to the inventory.

In fact, workflow is a process of taking input and processing it with multiple pre-built modules to get desired output.

All the data points generated during the workflow processing can be accessible later.

Learn more about build elements:

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