Workflow Basics

What workflows are and how to use them

What is a workflow?

Workflow is a sequence of automated actions performed in order to achieve desirable results.

In fact, workflow is an independent application, that can be used separately, processed in batches, or integrated with other tools.

You can navigate across your favorite workflows fast using the left bar.

Let’s see, how they work.

List of Workflows

All the workflows in your instance are organized into a list.

Access it by clicking the “Workflows” menu item in the top menu bar.

Fast Access

To access workflows with a click from any part of the system they should be marked as “favorite”.

Being “favorite” they are displayed in a left bar that is available constantly.

Mark them as favorites (and switch them off) by clicking a ⭐ icon.

How a list of workflows looks like

Regular workflows can be accessed using the list only.

States of workflows

Active” (published) workflows are visible to everyone and can be integrated/triggered by API.

Testing” (draft) workflows are visible to owners only and can’t be integrated or triggered by API until they are published.

Publish your workflows only if you tested them and ensured they work properly.

Creating workflows

You can start creating workflows in 2 ways:

In the list of workflows > Click “New workflow”

From any page by clicking the “+” button on the left bar (Fast Access)

Editing workflows

If you need to edit current workflows, click the “Edit workflow” button in the entry line on the list of workflows:

Testing workflows

If you want to give the workflow a try, click the “Run workflow” button in the entry line on the list of workflows:

Deleting workflows

If you need to delete a workflow, unpublish it by using the “General Info” tab first.

After that, click “Delete workflow” in the entry line on the list of workflows:

Only workflows in the Draft state can be deleted.

Important! This action can’t be undone.

Be sure you really don’t need this workflow and it’s not active in your 3rd party apps, integrations, and automations.

Let’s get started with learning about building workflows:

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