Defines class or category of the text from the defined list.


Drafter AI's Custom Classification allows you to define the class or category of text from a defined list.

This is useful for organizing and categorizing large volumes of text, such as customer feedback, social media posts, or product reviews. AI analyzes the text input and assigns it to the appropriate category. You can define the categories and customize the classification rules to suit their specific needs.

It can also be integrated with other AI blocks to provide a comprehensive text analysis solution.

How to Setup

Provide the next mandatory info:

  1. Data input (text) - variables from other blocks or provided by a user as manual input

  2. Data output (text) - result variable, that the block produces. Change its name for ease of further use.

You can provide a custom list of categories.

If you want AI to categorize your text input itself - leave it blank (Remove the "Categories" part)

Inputs and Outputs

InputOutputOutput Description

Any Text (text)

Category (text)

Defines a category of the text in general, or assigns to a specific category from the pre-defined list.

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