Text Generation (GPT)

Generates texts by using input, instructions and examples.


GPT3 Text Generation allows you to generate high-quality texts by using input, instructions, and examples. It helps technical writers, content creators, and other professionals who need to produce large volumes of text quickly and efficiently.

This AI block is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the settings to suit their specific needs. Instruct it on the length of the generated text, the level of detail, and the complexity of the language used.

Specify the target audience and adjust the tone and style accordingly.

How to setup

Provide the next mandatory info:

  1. Data input (text) - variables from other blocks or provided by a user as manual input

  2. Data output (text) - result variable, that the block produces. Change its name for ease of further use.

  3. Query template - GPT3 prompt template to define, how it goes to AI. Put input variables ({A}, {B}) in the proper places of the prompt template to change its content dynamically.

Inputs and Outputs

InputOutputOutput Description

Any Text (many variables)

Any Text (x1 variable)

Generates texts using the prompt template and input data variables.

Get some ideas of the prompts:

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