Restore output results

How to get back to previous workflow results and restore them.

Sometimes you need to get back to the results of previous workflow executions.

To do that proceed to the “History” menu item at the top menu.

General view

You’ll see there all the executions performed before:

Every historical entry has:

  1. Name of the workflow

  2. Id of the workflow

  3. - Number of results for the execution

  4. Status - success, queued, or failed

  5. A number of credits spent for the execution

  6. The time it took (in seconds)

  7. Actions


To view the output of a specific workflow, click:

Other actions for the entry are:

  • Download results as CSV

  • Restart the workflow - repeats the same workflow with the same input but with the latest updates (either in external data sources or after your recent changes in the workflow).

  • Delete entry from the history log

Refreshing history

In case you restarted a workflow, click the button on the top right to see its results:

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