Builder: Input

How to configure workflow input

Workflow Builder: Input

Each workflow starts with the “Input”.

It defines:

a) Properties of the data necessary for the workflow to get started.

b) How the input form looks like for the end users.

How to add input to the workflow

To add it to the working area drag-drop it from the right toolbar:

How to configure input

To do that, click the “Edit” icon on the block in the working area:

Settings consist of the next fields:

Task name

Defines how your input block is named in the workflow builder.

Field label

Defines a title of the workflow’s input in the Input step.

Input description

Provides details for end users about the way to input data.

You can use markdown there.

Form layout

Defines, how your input form looks like for end users.

Temporary deprecated.

Design Form

It’s the core of the input.

Defines data points (variables) that are used during the workflow as the input.

Provide an example of ideal input in the description to ensure your users use the workflow properly.

Design Form: Data Points

Every data point consists of:

a) Data type (text(string), number, email, URL)

b) Name of the data point

The name of the data point at the same time works as the label of the input field in the form for end users.

You can configure any number of input data points, but keep in mind that all of them are mandatory for end users.

It’s not necessary to “use” all the input data points during the workflow - you can just save them from the input step to be mapped and displayed properly in the output.

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