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Web Data Extraction

Extracts metadata and full page content of the web page.


Get URL Block
Web Data Extraction is a powerful block that allows you to extract metadata and full-page content from web pages. It is useful for a variety of applications, including web scraping, data mining, and content analysis.
It is highly customizable, allowing you to specify the types of data you want to extract and the format in which you want to receive it.
Whether you are a researcher, marketer, or data analyst, Web Data Extraction can help you extract valuable insights from the web.
Works best with web search components and knowledge extraction.

How to Setup

  1. 1.
    Provide an input - URL data point. You can get it from another action block or manual input block.
  2. 2.
    Select the output data points you want to extract.
Web content that has more than 4,000 characters (around 1000 English words) can't be processed live during the workflow.
To make using longer web page content possible, collect it to the "Documents" section first, and then perform "Internal Search" across it from the workflow.

Inputs and Outputs

Output Description
Target link (URL)
Meta Title (Text)
Title of the web page
Meta Description (Text)
Description of the page
Meta Image (Image)
Social media image of the page
Full-page text (Text)
Texts extracted from the full-page HTML, structured by headlines or paragraphs
Full page HTML (Text)
HTML of the target web page
Links to media on the page (URL) - Soon
Links to all the images or videos from the page
Links to other pages/websites on the page (URL) - Soon
Links to all other web pages from the target page