Google Sheets

How to use AI workflows right in Google Sheets.


Perform all your Drafter AI workflows right in Google Sheets for hundreds of entries.

With this integration, you can do the following tasks without leaving Google Sheets:

  • Analyze text for sentiment, topics, entities, and more

  • Generate texts automatically from prompt templates, using multiple variables

  • Generate content for hundreds of landing pages

  • Classify hundreds of text entries into categories

  • Perform multiple public search queries

  • Provide examples (shots) at scale for AI to follow them

and many more.

Start scaling your AI ops right in your Google Sheets.

How it works

Getting started

1. Install Extension

To install it, proceed to Google Workspace Marketplace:

2. Get the API Key

You should be signed up to Drafter AI first, to get your API key to the web application

You can generate and copy your API key only once.

If you forget or lose it, to use it again you'll need to re-generate it.

It's done to comply with the current security policies and protect your instance,

3. Give it a try

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