Get started with developer API

How to start integrating tools with Drafter AI directly.

You can build your own apps and products using Drafter AI’s API.

It enables you to execute Drafter AI’s workflows within your app in addition to other features you have.

To do that, follow the next steps:

1. Get your API Key

To get your API key, proceed to "Settings" > "Integrations":

Generate API Key:

You can generate and copy your API key only once.

If you forget or lose it, to use it again you'll need to re-generate it.

It's done to comply with the current security policies and protect your instance

Check the examples of API calls

Every workflow has an API call, that leads to it, to use as a reference.

To access it, while in the workflow’s output view, click the “Generate API call” button at the top right:

Get the SDK: NodeJS

Follow the API docs

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