Internal Search

Searches internal content and knowledge bases for information.


Drafter AI's Internal Search allows you to search your organization's internal content and knowledge for information. It helps you find the information you need quickly and easily, without having to spend hours searching through multiple sources.

You can search for documents, presentations, media files, spreadsheets, and other types of content, as well as information stored in knowledge bases and support systems. Internal Search is highly customizable, allowing you to refine your search criteria and filter the results to meet your specific needs.

How to Setup

Provide the next mandatory info:

  1. Data input (text) - variables from other blocks or provided by a user as manual input

  2. Data output - search result variable, that the block produces. Change its name for ease of further use.

Inputs and Outputs

InputOutputOutput Description

Search query (text)

Search Result (Text)

Generates texts using the prompt template and input data variables.

Document Name (Text)

Displayed name of the document in the storage

Path (Text)

Path to a specific element, where relevant search result was detected.

Can be a title, paragraph, reference, table of content element, list element, or table element.

Page (number)

Number of the page where search result was located

Document URL (url)

Link to the original document as PDF

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